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Stage Race Smart Trainer Update

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      I have done the stage race PR plan with good success for the 2017 Breck Epic. I did the Pisgah stage race last year in the middle of the 100k pr plan, I used the 100K PR plan last year in prep for another race. This year I’m looking at the Pisgah stage race again in April as a key race. I was thinking about trying the Stage Race PR plan again, my only hesitation is that it might be a little more than I can commit to time-wise (2 kids under 3 at the moment).

      1. Is there a potentially less time intense plan that I could follow with some ideas of “if i have some extra time/effort” that would be good? or some guidelines on the most efficient/less impactful ways to cut time out of the PR Stage race plan?
      2. Are any of the Stage race plans (or plan from the first question) on the schedule for the smart trainer update? (with the 2 kids the smart trainer has become a pretty useful tool)


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      Hi MattS,

      1. To “Time-Crunch” the Stage Race PR plan use the following strategies:
      – Drop all recovery rides in favor of passive rest and family time
      – On all interval days, cut the warm-up and cool-down time short to reduce total ride duration but keep intervals intact.
      – Drop gym strength training in favor of shorter core-push-ups-stretch sessions at home.
      – As a last resort, on a really time-crunched week, keep the longest endurance ride in the plan each week and drop the second longest

      2. Find our current menu of smart-trainer ready plans here. Our goal is to upgrade every plan. The 7-day stage race PR plan is currently in process. The Masters 7-day stage race plan has been upgraded.

      Smart-trainers really are a game-changer for many racers.


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      Thanks so much Lynda, majorly appreciated, I’ve enjoyed the plans and they’ve worked pretty well for me.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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