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      Hi LW,
      I am interested in the stage race plan but uncertain if I should chose the intermediate or advanced. I ride 4-6 times per week year round and have done 6 hr races in the past (pre covid times). But also have some shoulder and lower back pain I want to work on. Which program would you recommend and why? Also, if you sign up for the plan through TP, are you able to select which day is a rest day based on your schedule? Also, is there an option to do a training block or camp (my vacations typically mean biking everyday for a week or two)?

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      Hi Bordersbikes,

      From your details I recommend you follow the Personal Record Stage race plan. You can drag and drop any day on the calendar in TP to your desired day. There are training blocks in the training plan to prepare for stage racing that may sync up with your vacation dates. Another option is to pause the plan for a week while you are on vacation. Be sure to add in sufficient recovery time prior to restarting the plan after your vacation. Biking every day sounds like my kind of vacation 🙂

      Coach Lynda

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