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Stacking plans for long bikepacking event

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      AvatarJeff Wheless


      I am starting to train up for the Ride Across Arizona bikepacking event on May 6, 2024.

      The plan finder is recommending to do the last ~two weeks of Cat 1 Base and then starting the Cat 1 peak/race in 10 days followed by the bikepacking race training.

      I am not a Cat 1 guy by any means and working from a current base of 30-50 mile gravel/road rides a couple of times a week. I an 55ish and have spooled up my gym strength/aerobic training substantially over the past 18 months and probably stronger than I have been, ever.

      Are those the best suited plans for achieving my goal of increasing my sustained endurance and spewed for doing this ride? My base is a bit mediocre relatively speaking if I snapshot right now, so is this even achievable in the timeframe between now and May.


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      Hi Jeff,

      RAAZ looks like a super event. Here is the training plan stack I recommend you follow:

      11/13 – Start and follow our 12-week Masters 40+ Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan

      2/5/2024 – Take a week off training for additional recovery or use it to catch up on a missed week.

      2/12 – Follow one of our 12-week bikepacking plans that fits your finish goal best.
      2 – 5 day Bikepacking Race Mountain Bike Training Plan
      5 – 10 day Bikepacking Race Mountain Bike Training Plan

      Coach Lynda

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      AvatarJeff Wheless

      That is awesome and thanks for tailoring this to my situation!

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