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Stacking of plans for CTR

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      Hi Lynda,

      I’m training for my main race of this year, the CTR. My (stretch) goal is to be in the top 50%/do it in less than 6 days. My training program consists of the 40+ Base plan followed by the CTR plan, with 5 weeks in between that I still have to figure out.

      I’m now on W2 of the 40+ Base plan and I feel like I could push myself a bit more. I’m thinking about doing the 40+ Base plan up to W3, then switching to the Winter Endurance plan (I looked at the preview and I feel I can do that), then 2 gap weeks, then do the CTR plan.

      My questions:
      1. What do you think of the program above?
      2. If I do this new plan combination, how should I fill the 2 weeks in between the Winter Endurance and the CTR plan?
      3. If you think is better to complete 40+ Base plan first, how do I fill the 5 weeks in between that plan and the CTR plan? Right now I only have those two plans, will get another one if you think is useful.

      Thank you,

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      Hi Segundo,

      1. I recommend you complete the 12-week Base plan first. The plan has a gradual start but picks up in later weeks. Sticking to the progression pays off.

      2. I highly recommend you complete the 12-week Base plan first

      3. Your best prep option is doing all 12 weeks of the base plan. Then do the first 4 weeks of the CTR plan. Then take 1 week off plan for extra recovery or to catch up on a missed week. Then restart the CTR plan at week 1 and follow all 12 weeks to a peak at CTR.

      Coach Lynda

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      Great. Will stick to that plan. Thank you for the advice!

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