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SS gearing for races

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      Hey, Lynda, happy Monday!

      For the past 2 years I have been training and racing with 32/18 gearing on my singlespeed. I can pretty much climb anything, but feel so slow on the flats. For the past month I have been training and competed in one race with 32/16 gearing. Climbing is a bit tougher, but doable, and flats feel so much faster.

      My question the 2:1 ratio pretty ideal for racing? Or should I stick with the bigger rear cog?

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      The ideal gearing is course dependent. A 32×20 will be faster on a very steep course and a 32×16 will be faster on a flatter course. If you gear too tall and flame your legs out on the climb you negate the advantage on the flats as your legs may be too smoked to turn over the gear on the flats at high cadence.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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