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SPD power metre

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      Hi Lynda,
      The pre season base build is going really well the 12 week block nearing the end.
      I am now looking at Power training outdoors as well.
      ( as opposed to just on turbo). Outside i was just using HR as my guide.

      The Garmin Spd pedal looks a good option and reliability seems proven?!
      I am thinking one pedal is enough as its a guide for power?
      I am not a Pro and two pedals measuring power are not essential?
      But if you think two is better I will reconsider and get two.

      If you have any feedback from your athletes using these it could be useful information.

      Best Regards


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      I saw a post below asking the same thing!!!! I apologise! PRs this weekend and still on base training!! Great job!

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      Great job on the PRs in base!

      The Garmin Rally pedals are great – they’ve been reliable and accurate for the athletes I coach. 1 pedal is enough, and if you decide you want two you can get the second pedal at a later time.

      Keep up the great training.

      Coach Dave

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