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Single Speed?

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      Hi, I am a sport racer. I race a local series of 13 races called The Mid Atlantic Super Series. Last season I came in 4th place for the series. I really did no structured training plan. This year I want to win the series and I bought a power tap and your Expert Base training plan and your in season training plan. My question, My team is giving us a very good deal on a gary fisher rig. Will training on a single speed 29er once a week during my base plan mess me up when I ride my racing bike, which I love? Or, should I just be focusing on using my powertap? look forward to hearing from you.

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      I had a GF Rig and it was a really fun bike. I'm sorry I sold it.

      SSing is a great addition to your training once per week. During Expert Base training plan, gear on the light side (maybe 32 x 20-21 on the 29er) and focus more on the high cadence aspect of SSing. You can go out for an SS ride slightly undergeared instead of doing S1a, S1el or S1bL workouts on the Expert Base Training plan.

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