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sick…having to miss a few workouts

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      I was about to start week 6 of 100km PR plan, on day 2 I woke up with chest congestion/body aches so I took the day off and tried to rest well. Day 3, body aches gone still have the cough but continued to rest, Day 4 cough is lingering a little but I feel pretty good otherwise.

      My thought is to do a really easy spin today to get out and enjoy the day a little bit. While i want to jump back into the hard workout today, I’m assuming that is not the wise thing to do.

      With week 6 supposed to be a pretty tough week and week 7 supposed to be pretty easy. I wanted to see what your thoughts were on how to either shift some of the hard work from the missed workouts around or just step back in when I can.

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      Sorry to hear you got sick. First 2 things:

      1. Being sick is not a rest for your body. Sometimes you have to rest after being sick to really come-back.
      2. You can’t build fitness on a sick body

      Let yourself get 100% healthy before diving back into the training. If you feel great, make up the week 6 day 4 session next week. Other than that ride, drop everything else you miss and stick to the plan.


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      1 and 2, Understood – hard to tell yourself that sometimes. Plus I really do just love riding my bike.

      Thanks, that’s what I needed.

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