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Shorten 40+ 50mile PR plan

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      Hi Lynda,
      I”m racing the VT50 on 9/26 which is only 8 full weeks away. My training up to this point has been your 40+ base plan and then the 40+ 100mile plan. For various reasons I’m not racing a 100 mile race so I’ve basically tapered for nothing. On the plus side I should be ready to jump right in to the 50 mile plan without a rest week in between.

      1. How should I modify the 40+ 50 mile PR plan to fit 8 weeks?
      2. I raced a 30 mile race 3 weeks ago and my endurance was great but I wished for more hill climbing speed/strength if that helps decide which weeks to get rid of. VT50 has roughly 8k of elevation.


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      Hi Dirtnap,

      1. Use the last 8 weeks of the 50 miler plan.

      Coach Lynda

Viewing 1 reply thread
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