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Setting HR Zones

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      Hi Lynda,
      I have a 40k XC race this weekend so don’t have time to set my HR zone before then. However, I have done testing in the past. I’ve just purchased your 12-week PR plan for the Whaka 100km race in October.

      I tried to set my HR zone in December last year (a while ago I know). I feel like it set my HR zones too high and have struggled to hit the necessary zones since. The Strava file is here:

      I also rode recently, again on the Trainer, for a 20min effort during a Sufferfest session. I felt like this was a more manageable effort, however, it’s quite a different zone compared to my previous test. The part of the Strava file to look at is between about 18mins to 38mins here:

      I intend to do a test in the next week or so, after my race this weekend. But hoped to have some zones for this weekend. Appreciate your help.


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      Your December test is too old and Suffertest is under different conditions, so neither is a solid read on your HR zones. At this point, estimating based on HR’s you have seen while MTBing is your best option. Most athletes who have been training for a few years can make a really close estimate. You should test outdoors, not on the trainer unless you really can’t find a safe outdoor option. Indoor HR’s are often higher than outdoor HR’s and your look that way.


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        Thanks Lynda. Didn’t stick to my plan anyway and went too hard at the start! Paid the price over the next 2.5 hours… Good learning curve though and tough, muddy, cold, rutty conditions for mental training. Means I missed the planned HR test in the weekend, due to the race commitment already, so will try schedule it this week if I can instead. Cheers.

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