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    I completed the 40+ XC BPR plan July 15. After taking a couple of weeks without a plan I am ready to start training for the following:

    9/16 XC race
    9/29 3 hour MTB race
    10/13 65 mile gravel race

    I have the 40+ BPR plan, the 40+ MTB base plan, and the 40+ 50 mile plan.

    Can you recommend a schedule for training for these events?

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    Hi Norm!

    I recommend you follow the 40+ 50 mile plan.

    Start 8/13 at week 1 and follow weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 12 to your first race.
    9/18 follow week 8
    9/25 follow week 12
    10/2 follow week 11
    10/9 follow week 12

    Coach Lynda

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    Thanks, I have sent you an email to purchase the plan in an electronic format.

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    Following is my schedule for the 2019 Gone Riding Mountain Bike Southeastern and Georgia Race Series:
    3/9 ST
    3/10 XC
    3/24 XC
    4/7 XC
    4/14 XC
    4/28 XC
    5/4 ITT
    5/5 XC
    5/26 XC A race
    6/2 XC
    6/8 ST
    6/9 XC
    7/6 ST
    7/7 XC A race
    As stated above I have the 40+ Base and the 40+ BPR training plans. Can you recommend a training schedule?


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    Hi Norm,

    Tell me more about your goals for the season. What are your top 3 goals?

    Tell me more about your ST and ITT. Are they MTB or road?
    What are your ST duration and format?
    What are your ITT duration, distance and format?

    Coach Lynda

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    Goals: Top 50% in races, top 3 in both series, enjoy the experience

    ST and ITT are both MTB

    ST duration is usually around :30, format is all base classes run together, once they finish all sport and elite classes run together. Score is how you finish in your class with the winner getting 5 points and descending from there, out of the top 4 everyone gets one point. It is run on a short XC course. Usually about 1 mile per lap. It takes an all out effort to do well. Traffic is a problem. It has been my experience that these points have been a deciding factor in series placement.

    ITT runs about :20. Course is one lap of an abbreviated XC. Points system is the same as ST. Distance varies with venue. Riders leave one per minute.

    Neither of the courses have any technical features. I tend to place better at both of these than in the XC race the next day. There are usually between 5 and 15 riders in my class.

    Thanks for the help and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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    Hi Norm!

    I recommend you start training 12/3 with our Masters 40+ Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan and follow all 12 weeks of that plan

    2/25/19 switch to our Masters 40+ Cross Country Mountain Bike Build Peak and Race Mountain Bike Training Plan and follow weeks 1 – 10 of this training plan. Add in extra rest days after racing if you need.

    5/6/19 reset the B, P, R plan to week 9 to focus on peaking for your 5/26 A race and the following block of back-2-back race weekends:

    5/6/2019 week 9
    5/13/2019 week 11
    5/20/2019 week 12 peak A race on 5/26
    5/27/2019 week 12 race 6/2
    6/3/2019 week 8 rest and race 6/8, 6/9
    6/10/2019 week 9
    6/17/2019 week 10
    6/24/2019 week 11
    7/1/2019 week 12 peak A race on 7/7


    Coach Lynda

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