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Recovery days?

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      Hi Lynda

      I just started my Mtn bike training plan last week. I made the mistake (perhaps) of riding a long ride at high altitude on Saturday with friends who are more fit. I couldn’t get out of HR zones 4 and 5. I finished but, I bonked. I am now back to the training plan but, I am still experience muscular exhaustion 2 days later. Even climbing stairs makes my quads burn. Should I ride it out? Or take a recovery day? change my nutrition?

      BTW I am a ‘masters’ athlete (60 yrs)

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      Hi Ann,

      Take 2 more recovery days. Riding it out will lead to more fatigue and hamper performance development long term.

      Review our Recovery Strategies doc to see if there is anything you can add or improve to your recovery routine.

      Coach Lynda

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      Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate it. You caught me before I went out on my big gear workout. Read the article. It is very informative. Thanks again.

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