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Recovery, and re-starting training following event

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      AvatarTom S

      Lynda – Just had a great experience doing the Mohican 100K. I left a report on the other forum. My next event is the Carrabassett 100K in Maine on July 15.
      Training Plan is Masters 50 Mile PR
      1. What is the post race recovery period?
      2. What week and day should I start training on in the plan?
      3. Something that is concerning me is if my HR zones are set too high,since the initial time trials were done on a trainer. I’ll redo the time trial outdoors before prepping for the next race. I’ve been outdoors for the last few weeks, and am having a hard time getting to Z5 during the L5 4×4 hill intervals. THe HR will just barely hit Z5 on the last two intervals and it sure feels like I’m embracing the pain:)

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      Thanks for numbering your questions.

      1. For recovery I recommend taking a week off after a peak race of 100km or longer then the following week doing an easy training week.

      2. I recommend restarting the plan on 6/12 at week #9 (rest week) then backing up and doing week 8 before moving forward with week 10, 11 and 12 to peak again for Carrabassett 100K in Maine on July 15

      6/12 week 9 (rest week)
      6/19 week 8
      6/26 week 10
      7/3 week 11
      7/10 week 12 race week

      3. Start out your week 8 by dropping the intervals on day 2 and instead do an outside test to nail down your HR training zones. Indoor zones are usually higher so you are likely right on target with your observations.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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