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Races reschedule two weekends in a row

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      So two of the races I was planning on doing are now scheduled on back to back weekends less than 12 weeks away, June 13 and June 21.
      Both 50 mile mountain bike races. Obviously I can’t start the plant week one and I had been training above a week one pace anyway, but I was wondering, should I plan to peak for the June 13 race and start the plan at week 3, or try to peak for the June 21 race and start the plan at week 2? I’d rather start at week one, but as you know changes are happening very quickly. Your input is really appreciated.
      Hope all is well! My plan is to use the 50 mile pr

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      Another question after reading a previous post, a 50 mile race on all trails and 10,000’of climbing will easily take me, 8-10 hours, I’m not very fast. So if the 50 mile plan is based off a 3-5 hour race, should I use the 100 mile plan?

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      Also, I’m doing a 65 mile race July 25, mountain bike race with alot of gravel, so I’d be interested to see how to play that in as well. Thanks again for the info!

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      Hi Evan,

      I’ll answer your second question first. For a race of 8-10 hours in duration the 100 miler plan is the best choice.

      I recommend you peak for the first race on June 13, then repeat plan week 12 the following week and race again June 21.

      If using the 100 miler PR plan, and starting on 4/13 I recommend following weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 12 to time-crunch the plan down to 10 weeks.

      Coach Lynda

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      Thank you, this is incredibly helpful!

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