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Races cancelling. Revert back to base training?

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      Hi Lynda.As you know the pandemic is changing our way of life in many ways. Since all of the races are cancelling for spring and early summer I thought I might revert back to the last month of the Masters base training. I have just finished week three of the Masters build and peak plan. I have no gym access now so I will just resort to using my dumbels and do core workouts at home. Maybe I will invest in a bar and weights.

      Can you tell me if repeating the last month of the base program sounds OK and then resume the build and peak plan when I have an idea when the races will confirm in the summer?


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      Hi DBentley,

      So many changes. We don’t know when races are going to make it back on the schedule but we can be hopeful and aim for August right now. Repeating the last 4 weeks of your Base plan, then progressing on to your BPR plan to peak for an August event is a great strategy. Apply all necessary modifications to your plan to train from home and socially distance yourself.

      Here are some thoughts on training I posted on March 17th

      – Only consider training if you are 100% healthy.
      – Practice social distancing. Avoid group rides and gyms.
      – Avoid non-essential travel and train indoors at home or close to home.
      – Reduce overall training load to bolster your immune system by lowering both the total training duration and volume of intensity.
      – Keep training rides under 3 hours in duration to avoid suppressing your immune system
      – Avoid any risky activities that may land you in the Emergency Room or at Urgent Care.
      – Strength train, stretch and do yoga at home.
      – released all their Premium content for free during this Covid-19 outbreak. Check out some new classes! Down Dog is another popular yoga app [3-18-20 update: DownDogApp is providing free access until April 1st for athletes and July 1st for students and healthcare workers]
      – Give a home workout app such as Sworkit a try.
      – Yoga studios, gyms and personal trainers have closed up shop. Several are putting their classes online for free. This is a golden opportunity to explore new workouts and types of training.
      – Use this time with reduced training volume to work on a weakness, stretch tight areas and rehab any lingering injuries.
      – Take really good care of yourself. Sleep 8 hours per night, eat your vegetables and manage stress.

      Coach Lynda

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      Copy that and thank you for the additional information.


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