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      Skol Linda,
      I have the Master 40 50 miler training plan and my next race is 70 mile and isn’t going to be until June 26, so what would you recommend for a pre training plan workout and what modifications should I make for the 70 miles vs 50 miles? Also, I just finished the Fat Birkie 47K race in Cable, WI last wknd and did okay considering an interruption in my training plan due to a broken rib from a wipeout while training. So, thank you for helping me prepare with your awesome training plan!

      Thanks a bunch,


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      Hi Skorski,

      I recommend following the Masters 40+ Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan for your pre-training plan. This plan sets you up perfectly to follow on with the
      Masters 40+ 50 Mile Mountain Bike Personal Record Mountain Bike Training Plan. You will not have time to complete this entire 12-week plan. As you already have good fitness from Fat Birkie I recommend you follow the last few weeks of the plan to fill your time preiod available.

      Coach Lynda

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      Okay, will do.

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