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PR at a 50 mile plan

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      Changing the order of the workouts on the PR at a 50mile mtb plan, I would like to have my longer workouts during the week on Wednesday and Saturday, they are currently Thursday and Sunday. Is there a problem with doing this? What effects do you feel that it would have on the outcome of training?

      Do you look at the data imported into Training Peaks or is this simply a plan with no feed back? Its the Personal Best 50 mile plan purchased through Training Peaks.

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      Moving the workouts to fit your schedule is fine.

      This is a plan with no feedback. I am available for telephone or Skype consults for more feedback.

      There are two format options available PDF and TrainingPeaks. The best format depends on your desires. Hop on over to our Training Plan FAQ page to read about the difference between the Training Peaks Format vs the PDF format? Why choose one over the other?


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