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Power Test change in equipment

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      I’m on week 5 of 100k PR plan, and getting ready to do the 2nd power test of this plan (i’ve done a few others in the past on other plans). Currently the bike I normally use for the power tests (my gravel bike) is not accessible to me and won’t be for about 2 weeks. I have a road bike I can use but curious if I should go ahead with that and how that might affect the results. Or should i wait to re-test until i have the bike I’ve typically used back.

      I’m not training with power at this point so only Heart rate if that makes any difference


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      Hi MattS,

      I recommend waiting 2 weeks for your normal bike with power available to be ready as you have history and consistency on this bike and power meter. The only reason to test this week would be if you feel your HR training zones need adjusted. Once you have been training for a few seasons, HR training zones generally do not move much, so 2 weeks is worth waiting.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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