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Power tap accuracy

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      Been using my new powertap (road bike) in the expert mtn. bike base plan. Mainly using the trainer during the week and riding the mtn bike on the weekend. I just did my second test on the trainer. My avg wattage for the 20 min is 210. How do I know this is accurate?

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      Technically, the PowerTap cannot be user-calibrated, but its accuracy can be checked using a simple test called a stomp test.

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      Good info…thanks, I will do that this weekend. Also, I surfed around and found that watts per kilogram is the best way to compare. Like you said. I found that on my last test power at theshold is 2.7 watts/kg.

      If anyone is interested…..according to wikipedia, “the average “fit” cyclist produces 3watts/kg.

      So for me, 3 weeks into my base program I am considered “almost fit”

      This being my first season with a powertap..what kind of improvement should I expect through the base?


Viewing 2 reply threads
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