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Power and performance field test….indoors

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      AvatarTravis Groth

      Hello all, first post here and first actual training plan beyond my home brew ones. Today was supposed to be my first day however I could not get things going fast enough and had to postpone until tomorrow. Starting a masters class cross country base and the first workout is a heart rate power and performance field test. Here are my general questions to get me started.
      1. Have foul weather over the next few days and need to perform this inside and I am getting mixed info. Can I perform this on my kicker indoors and if so does it need to be controlled through my Garmin head unit (edge 830)? I am assuming all workouts will need to be through the bike computer and cannot simply be exported to wahoo and controlled through their fitness app.
      2. If I control this through my Garmin indoors will it control the resistance or will I have to set this on my own. Training peaks customer support is telling me since it is perceived exertion or RPE it will not control trainer resistance so what is the best way to achieve the desired results if adjusting on my own.
      3. If I want to have a good starting baseline number to set the right numbers for subsequent structured workouts and I have zero experience with perceived exertion field tests can I simply do a more structured FTP type test through one of the various platforms for baseline data? Does Training peaks offer a FTP test?
      4. After this baseline testing on future workouts within the 12 week platform will the workouts if they are done indoors control the resistance from this point on?
      This is all very new to me and usually I just ride, and ride a lot so a bit frustrated at this point as I am at the 11th hour for the program to start. Thanks in advance.

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      Hi Travis,

      Welcome to the forum.

      1. Yes you can do this test indoors on your Wahoo Kickr. Disable the ERG mode for the test.

      What Are the Different Modes On My Smart Trainer?

      It is important that you control the resistance and the power during the test rather than have your devices tell you what to do. The goal is the highest average 20 min power. Control the Kickr with the Kickr app and record the workout for upload to TP on your Garmin 830.

      2. Use the Kickr app to control the test. Use the resistance mode

      3. You can repeat the 20 min test outdoors when you have a better weather day. TrainingPeaks does not have an FTP workout. Wahoo does.

      4. Use the ERG mode on your Kickr and the structured workouts from your training plan to have your indoor trainer control resistance.

      Coach Lynda

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