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Post-Season Recovery

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    Question about training plan stack. I’m doing my last race in mid-march, which is a fatbike race that’s right on the XC / endurance edge. My “A race” for 2019 is 6 Hours of Cathedral Pines in November, but I’ll probably do a couple XC races over the summer, but they’re not high priority.

    So, I plan to run a base program followed by the 6 hour PR program, but the question is, what to do in between last race and start of base? About how long do people take all the way off, and then what do they do after that? Basically, how long of a transition before starting “base” again?

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    Hi devolikewhoa83,

    I recommend 2 weeks off training after a long race season. After that there are many options. Some racers go straight into their xc or cx season. Some racers like to take more time off to ride for fun in an unstructured format for a while. Some racers hit the gym and heavy weights to build back some muscle mass they may have lost in the race season. Some athletes lose weight and some gain it! Some athletes do a speed block to work on getting faster. Some athletes do a volume block to start the next season with a higher CTL. Some athletes spend their time getting dental work, rehabbing injuries, getting surgery, renovating their house. So many options.

    What would you like to improve or do with your time between seasons.


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    That’s fair, i guess there’s no “one” right answer. Looking at it this way, I see it as i basically have April and May available (with the race in November, i’d probably start a base plan ON June 3rd). I might actually say end of march is also available, because i don’t think i’ll be able to take two whole weeks COMPLETELY off (my girlfriend says she thinks i am addicted to exercise on a chemical level)

    At least in the beginning the weather will be crappy and the best riding is not super nearby. I definitely will hit the gym but i’d also like to improve aerobic endurance: this year was my first year back training after a long layoff, and i had a tough time adapting in the beginning (it took over a month for it to “click”). Structure for me is always better than no structure.

    So, maybe three days in the gym, four days riding, organized around Z4 or sweetspot intervals? Not the most exciting but it’s how i like it 🙂

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    A great plan stack is to do a Base program, followed by a speed block with a Build, Peak and Race program and then your 6-hour PR plan

    1. Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan

    2. Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Build, Peak and Race Mountain Bike Training Plan

    3. 6-Hour Solo Mountain Bike Personal Record Mountain Bike Training Plan

    Coach Lynda

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    Got it, that’s a great idea. I was thinking i would do a few weeks / months of a “winter / pre-season” type program (lower intensity, slow aerobic build, weightlifting, work on weaknesses that are specific to me), then move to “base”, but I could do as you suggest and start straight in with “base,” then do the build (which would coincide nicely with summer), then the six hour program.

    Maybe what i will do is table this whole thing until after the fat bike race in March. Then, I can see how i feel after about a week off. Also, at that point, race calendars for 2019 will be starting to be released, and i can take a look. If there are some fun looking XC races in my area during the summer that i would want to try (and try to be fit for), i will follow your suggested stack.

    Thank you!

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