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Plan Stacking for 2020 Season

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      I am currently completing the penultimate week of the the Master’s Base Training Plan and will have it competed by 2/23/2020.

      My “A” priority events this year are a 50 mile XC MTB event on May 23 (several 50-60 mile gravel races and 1-2 25-ish mile MTB races mixed in prior), 50 Mile XC MTB event on August 8 (just a couple XC events before), and a 30 mile XC MTB event on November 7.

      The way the calendar plays out, I can currently roll from the Base Plan I am completing into the Master’s 50 PB plan for the May Event. I would then complete weeks 4-12 of the Master’s 50 PB for the August event. After a 1 week recovery, I could then follow the full 12-week Masters XC Build/Peak plan for the November event.

      My question: Is this stacking plan appropriate? Or would it be best/better to flip back into a 4 week Base Plan following the May event, then return to weeks 8-12 for the PB 50 Plan in preparation for the August race?

      Last year I followed your Base and 100-Mile PB plan to a “T” and had a great race at Lumberjack100. Then, took a month of base/recovery/free riding before starting the XC Build/Peak plan for the November Race and had a great result there, too. (Thank you for your help!)

      I want to (of course) maximize gains but minimize the burn-out or base fitness loss by trying to peak for all three events.

      My other thought would be to make the May event a B-race. I would repeat weeks 8-12 of the Base Plan at the end of my current block. I would follow that up by completing weeks 1-4 of the PB 50 Mile plan before officially “starting” the PB 50 Mile plan to allow me to hit the August race “on schedule”. Then, as outlined above, roll into the XC build/peak plan after a weeks recovery/off for the November race.

      I welcome your thoughts.

      Thank you.


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      Hi Dave,

      I like both of your plan options, they are well thought out. If your life is very busy and you are struggling to find energy for everything you need to get done in a week, I recommend you follow your second plan option. If you are recovering between all workouts, getting 8 hours of sleep every night and have time for the training, your first option is superior.

      Coach Lynda

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