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Plan stack for Breck Epicurious

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      My wife gave me a hall pass to do the 3-day Breck Epic in August 2018. Yay me! I’m saving the 6-day for my 50th birthday in a couple years.

      From the research I’ve done on your forums, it seems like you would recommend stacking the plans in the following order:

      * 40+ Masters Base Training
      * Masters XC Build, Peak & Race
      * Masters 40+ MTB 3-4 Day Stage race

      My question is; do I have to adjust the first two plans for longer weekend rides, as I go into the stage race plan? Do you recommend taking a week off between plans? Given the ’18 race is August 12th, do you recommend I start mid-December with base?

      On another note, I want to tell you once again how much I have loved your plans this past several years. Your inclusion of consistent weight training into the plans made me so much stronger on the bike after back surgery several years ago. I may miss a bike workout from time to time, but I am religious about sticking with the resistance training and core workouts. Thank you.

      Kevin Gilinsky

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      That is exciting. Breck Epic is such an amazing event. You have the plan stack exactly right:

      * 40+ Masters Base Training
      * Masters XC Build, Peak & Race
      * Masters 40+ MTB 3-4 Day Stage race

      I recommend NOT adding any extra riding to the first 2 plans and focusing your efforts in increasing power, not endurance and nailing the strength training. Layer on the specific race prep in the last 12-week Masters 40+ MTB 3-4 Day Stage race. It is important to hold back on the distance in order to improve performance and also so you are still stoked on riding when BE rolls around. You want to start BE stoked not smoked. The race is still a long ways off.

      Yes, I recommend scheduling a week off between plans if you have the time. You can use this week for extra recovery, for a non-bike vacation with the family, work conference etc or to catch up on a missed week.

      To complete all three 12-week plans plus a week off between is 38 weeks which puts your start date at 11/20/17.

      Thanks for the feedback on the strength training. Great to hear you are having positive experiences with it. Keep up the good work!


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      Thank you for your thoughtful answer. You have ensured that I will a) not succumb to potential burnout and b) avoid divorce.


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