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Plan options to help with recovery from Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS)

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      I am a 54 year old Mountain biking grandad from the UK.

      I contracted GBS back in August and after 9 weeks in hospital for treatment and initial rehab, I have now been at home for the last 5 weeks working closely with my physio on focussed rehab to regain leg and core strength whilst learning to walk again.

      My physio work in recovery is going very well, I am getting stronger every day – I still have a way to go, but to help preserve my positive mental attitude and high level of motivation I am also starting to think forward into 2020 and research how I should begin to plan my next recovery phase; and whilst looking at Training Peaks I found articles by Lynda and links to this site.

      Prior to this situation I was preparing for a 75 mile charity endurance event; going to the gym twice a week doing a blend of Watt Bike intervals (20-30mins), strength exercises and some balance and flexibility work (30-40mins). I was also riding 20-25 miles off road twice a week.

      So to my question; would the Masters 40+ MTB Base plan be a good place to start? or does recovery from auto immune conditions such as GBS require something more bespoke over a longer perhaps slower period – especially as elements of mobility or nerve damage may be a slower recovery trajectory?

      As well as some guidance on options for a plan I would be interested to hear from anyone going through or who has been through a similar recovery experience.

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      Hi MTB Geezer,

      Sorry to hear about your GBS but excited that you are home and on the mend. Our Masters 40+ MTB Base plan is not a good match at this point in your recovery and I do not recommend that plan for you. It is a higher level plan designed for healthy individuals. I recommend starting with our Beginner Category 3 plan then working your way up to our cat 2 plan as your recovery progresses.

      All the best with your continued rehab.

      Coach Lynda

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        Hi Coach Lynda,

        Thank you for the guidance on options to consider as my rehab progresses I will take a look at the plan and sample options plus consult with my physio on how best to maintain my rehab momentum.


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