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      Hi Lynda,

      I am a 45 year old (female) relatively new mountain biker. This was my second season having a mountain bike. I do not race but enjoy long days out exploring on my bike. My favourite riding is when I grab a map, plan a route, and just ride it. I got a smart trainer and used Zwift including some of their training programs to work on mountain biking fitness last winter, but am looking to step that up a little this winter so I can have even more fun on my bike next season.

      I have asthma and notice that my heart rate during rides gets really high (especially during climbs), and I sometimes have to stop and let it drop a little before continuing. I am looking to train to build a good solid base over the winter. I won’t be riding outside much so looking at a plan involving mostly indoor training. I was looking at your winter mountain biking fitness maintenance program, but I see you also have programs for people over 40. I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘master’ though, so not sure if they’d be appropriate for me. So, what program or programs would you recommend to use over the winter to be in a good place for mountain biking next spring?

      Thank you for any advice!

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      Hi Chill,

      Thanks for the info you provided. It sounds like you are ready to establish solid aerobic base and strength to build your performance up a level. I recommend you stack these 12-week training plans. These are race plans but racing is not a requirement. These plans are compatible with smart trainers and Zwift and can also be followed on your bike outside.

      This first plan establishes aerobic base and strength
      Masters 40+ Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan

      This plan will build your speed and power
      Masters 40+ Cross Country Mountain Bike Build Peak and Race Mountain Bike Training Plan

      Then you may be interested in progressing on to one of our endurance based plans to peak for your long rides next summer.

      Coach Lynda.

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