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Plan adjustment for upcoming early season race.

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      Hi Lynda. I’m just starting the Masters XC build plan for the 4th season now after completing the base plan. It’s working well and I’m very consistent with it. I almost always podium the XC races I do and my FTP has been going up every year which is great as I’m 51. I am now on week 1 for the build plan which started on Monday the 7th of this month. I don’t have an actual peak A race but my plan has me peaking in the middle of a few races around the same time of the month.

      1) There is one important race, the Sea Otter Classic that is on April 10th. I wanted to be rested for this race but I don’t want to do a full taper and give up to much training for later season races. This race lands on week 5 of the plan which would be at the end of a 2 week block. I have already edited my training peaks calendar to have the week before the race be a recovery week with openers on the day before the race. Basically I’m cutting out one week of intervals. Is there any other way you can recommend I get the balance right?

      2) I still sometimes suffer from Vastus medialis cramps late in races. I’ve tried all the things like nutrition, electrolytes and even those hot shot things. The science seems to be anecdotal anyway. I do know that I need to pace better to avoid the cramps. It seems I get cramps in races with repeated hard, short climbing bursts… like seated 10-20 seconds over and over. Is there an interval workout you can suggest that I could insert into my training plan that could occasionally substitute one of my weekly Vo2 max or threshold sessions? Maybe the 30’x30′ from the 50 mile masters plan? Or instead maybe I could mix in these kinds of efforts on the weekend race pace rides?

      Thanks for everything!

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      I’m sorry. I forgot to say I also have a low priority race coming up soon on march 19. Maybe I should insert a rest week before that one instead and do a two week block in the following week?


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        AvatarDave Hanson

        Sorry I saw this late, but drink a few ounces of pickle juice before the race/ride and even during long rides, works wonder for cramps, seriously

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      Hi DBentley,

      Lynda is out on sabbatical so here’s my take.

      Sea Otter timing – cut the race week training in half mon-wed and thu to race day keep it all easy. Do a solid ride the day after the race and the week is complete.

      Cramps are such a mystery, but the things that have helped my athletes most are:
      – EFS Pro. This stuff is full of electrolytes and carbs.
      – Hard 40 second intervals, nearly all out with 7 minutes rest between them. Never more than 7 of those.
      – The latest anecdotal evidence is around good old fueling. 400 cal/hour seems to help. Check the TrainerRoad podcast for their take on it.

      Have a great Sea Otter!
      Coach Dave

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      Thanks for the advice. Where would I insert those short interval in my plan? Should I replace a session of threshold intervals or zone 5 intervals? Or should I do them on a weekend instead?

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      You would either replace one of the weekday quality sessions or add them to a spicy Saturday ride.

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