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Overextending the long rides

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      I just finished up week 5 of the Cat 1 XC base training plan. Sunday’s workout was 3 hour ride on a course with a few long climbs that could be ridden at tempo in a big gear.

      I tried a new course yesterday. I don’t have any climbs nearby me that are 30 minutes long, so i figured, well, i’ll get a lot of shorter ones rather than 2 or 3 big ones. I had never ridden the course before and well, along with some brutal headwinds, it wound up being almost a 5 hour ride.

      I focused on nutrition during and after and although i’m a little tired today, i also feel pretty fine and dont’ expect to have any issues executing the 5 threshold intervals on wednesday.

      However, week 6 priority #2 says “extend” the long ride to 3:30, and i’ve already done more than that almost every weekend.

      Provided I keep the extra volume mostly in zone 2, is there any downside to going over-plan on the weekend long rides? I would think the answer is “no” up until the point where it starts to impact execution of quality intervals mid-week, but please let me know if i’m misunderstanding.


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      Hi devolikewhoa83,

      You are right, the answer is no. Stick to the plan with a focus on quality training and recovery. Over-extending in Base training can lead to peaking fitness too soon, before your peak race date and being flat on your “A” race day.

      Coach Lynda

Viewing 1 reply thread
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