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Off-Road Hard/Fast Pace on the Trainer

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    Given the terrible weather in my town today, I’m about to undertake the final hard workout of the Cat 1 base training program on the trainer. The workout in Training Peaks is a 1.5 hour warm up followed by 1.75 hour “race” intensity. I’ve found a suitable race simulation workout in TrainerRoad for the 1.75 hour hard part, but was wondering if the 1.5 hour warmup (and 46 minute cool down) was important training stress to add in to the day as well.

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    Hi Andrea,

    I recommend doing a shortened warm-up of 30 mins, the 1.75 hr race intensity then a 5-10 min cool-down. The whole duration of the original workout on a trainer is too much! Add some time stretching or do a stretching focused yoga class instead of more time on the trainer.

    Coach Lynda

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    Great news! I was gearing up for the long haul, but the less long haul sounds much more appealing.

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