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      I’m in week #5 of the Stage Race PR plan preparing for the Breck Epic on an SS . It’s largely been going well, I’ve had to skip one of the long rides in week 3 with a cold and some knee pain, but the easy week after that seems to have helped tremendously (almost completely kicked the cold and the knee is feeling good). Otherwise I’ve gotten all of the long rides in on my SS and varied a lot of the other workouts on the road with gears or mtn bike with gears.

      My question is coming up in week #5, the off-road hard and fast. We’ll be traveling and at the moment it looks like the easiest way for me to get a 5 hour ride in is going to be largely road, or maybe some mixed surface. My question is should I try and work harder to make an actual off road ride work or take what I can get and keep the time and intensity intact with the more road ride.

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      A road ride will be fine for week 5 and could be a great option to give your knee a break from the SS and really heal up.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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