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      This week I am finishing week 12 of XC cat 1 base plan and am looking for advice on what plan to start next.

      Here’s my race schedule it races happen (🤞)

      February 27 Polar Roll 30 mile C
      March 13 Fatbike Birkie 30 mile C
      June 5 Unbound Gravel 100 mile A
      June 26 Lutsen 99er 100 mile B
      July 24 The Rift 120 mile C
      September 18 Marji Gesick 100 mile A

      I assume I should start the 100 mile PR plan 12 weeks prior to my A race Unbound Gravel. Could you recommend a plan after finishing my base plan this week and before starting the 100 PR plan?

      Thank you!

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      Correction: I plan on doing the 200 mile version of Unbound Gravel.

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      Hi David,

      I recommend you follow our Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Build, Peak and Race Mountain Bike Training Plan next. Start this plan at week #2 and following weeks 2 – 12 to end the plan on March 13 at Fatbike Birkie. Take a day off on 3/14

      3/15 start the 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race Personal Record Mountain Bike Training Plan but in week 1 do recovery spins on days 2 and 4 instead of the scheduled rides. Move the day 2 test to day 6. Follow the rest of the plan as-is to a peak in week 12 at Unbound 200.

      Coach Lynda

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      I like the sounds of that. Thank you Coach Lynda!

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