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      Sorry total noob here.

      A two part question about utilizing the training plan, training peaks platforms along with Garmin Edge 820…

      Are we able to upload our training plan workouts to Garmin so it’s easier to know what we are supposed to do during a given workout? How do I do this? I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. Help!

      Along those lines, when I completed a workout yesterday my Garmin automatically uploaded my workout to Training Peaks but it would not associate my workout with the planned training plan workout and therefore my planned workout still shows as uncompleted. What am I doing wrong?

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      Update – I found the answer to the second part of my question. Any workouts done that aren’t sync’d with the planned workout in your training plan CAN be sync’d by a drag and drop on the desktop (won’t work in the app).

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      annnnd finally found the answer to the first part of my question too. I was looking for answers in the wrong places. Sorry!

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      Training plans that have been updated with the new TP structured workout format can be uploaded to your Garmin 820. Not all of our training plans have yet been updated. Which plan are you interested in?

      Here is the TrainingPeaks help page with instructions how to do this.

      You can drag and drop your uploaded workout on to your desired workout on your TP calendar page. To get your Garmin to sync with the correct workout check your workout is recorded on your Garmin as a “ride” not a “run” or “mountain bike”. This is found in your Menu > settings on your Garmin 820.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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