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Newbie questions, Winter fitness maintenance plan

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      I'm new to using a plan so I have a few q's now that I am about 6 weeks into this. I think these questions relate to each other. (?)

      Aside from a two work period of being sick, I've been pretty consistent. At what point do I recheck all my HR zones? I did set them according to the plans suggestion (trainer and HRM) when I first got started.

      I'm working through some of the tempo drills and I am having some trouble meeting the cadence/HR goals for some of the segments. I can get really really close ( maniplulating gearing/effort etc) but I may be off just a couple of HR points: top of tempo 1 instead of moving into tempo 2 for example.

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      Heart rate is a somewhat fickle yardstick to use as a pacing tool. There are many things that affect it. Fatigue will depress it a little and caffeine will increase it. If you are very fresh and full of coffee when you do a test it will set your heart rate zones a little too high for a period when you are in a good flow with training and carrying a little more fatigue.

      So close enough is good enough. Within 5 bpm of where you are aiming for is fine. If you are more than 5bpm off target and your perceived exertion is not tracking with your heart rate zones then it is time to retest. Put in a test in place of you next tempo workout. Look over this training intensity guidelines table to check in with what each heart rate zone is supposed to feel like and find out if you are working hard enough. I bet you are…

      The answer to which is more important heart rate or cadence is not always the same. For you on this plan right now, cadence is the higher priority.


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      I would agree that the cadence drills are a good focus. I may do the HR test again just for grins. I usally do my ride mid afternoon so the caffiene has worn off by then.Cool


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