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New to 40 + 50 PB MTB questions

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      I am in my first week and did not come off a base program but was weight training and riding a good deal in the past 4 months. I have extensive experience racing and raced last year primarily in XC which was pretty tough having not raced XC in a few years. I have been racing more 50 mile ish events. I want to go back to that format. I had some questions:

      1. I’m 53 post menopause and wanted to know what I might need to tweak for my age since I’m in a 40 + program and that is a big age difference. Anything you can recommend would be so appreciated!

      2. How to I add my races to formulate a ATP? Can I race before I’m ready? Mid 12 week plan?

      3. I did my test on Tuesday and averaged 174 and am only training by HR for now but do have Quarq cranks but need another part. I didn’t see where to drop down Friel when entering the average? I did plug in the average.

      4. I didn’t do any leg work in the gym prior to starting last week but did do some
      Big climbing lately, is it ok just to follow the weight program going forward?

      Thank you so much!

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      Hi Ellen,

      1. Add more recovery if you feel you are not recovering between workouts. Make sure your sleeping and nutrition are on point to maximize your recovery.

      2. When you add a race to the plan be sure to drop subsequent training rides or take a week off to ensure proper recovery. If you post your race schedule with dates, goals and priorities I can give more specific advice on how to include races into your plan.

      3. In the TP zones tab first choose TYPE – lactate threshold, then choose METHOD – Joe Friel for Cycling. You are not shown the “Joe Friel for cycling” choice until you have chosen your TYPE.

      4. That depends if you are tired. If in doubt take a recovery week to start then move forward with the plan. Avoid starting the plan already tired.

      Coach Lynda

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      Sorry I took so long to say Thank You!

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