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    Hi Lynda
    Been using your plans for sometime now with great success and see now you have ones dedicated to smart trainers. Is there a discount $ on getting those TP/smart trainer comparable? I live in cold climate and that would work great. I have a few programs tho looking to get 40+ race and 40+ 50mile personal best as of now, after stacking a 100mi program at the end in preparation for the Park city P2P being my A race. Also is that a good stack? Thanks!

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    Hi Stvmach1,

    Great to hear you are having success with our LW Coaching training plans.

    If you already own the TP version of the plan you get a free upgrade! check your TP library to see the upgraded plan. If you own the PDF format we offer a 50% discount on the TP format of the same plan.

    I do not I understand your plan stack question.
    – Which plan are you referring to as 40+ race? We do not have a plan with that title.
    – Did you do the 100 mi program last season for P2P or are you planning it this season after the 40+ 50 mile plan?
    – Did you use the 40+ 100 mile plan or the 100 mile personal record plan?

    Coach Lynda

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    Sorry so vague, I over abbreviated your plan names. Ok so I looked and I have Masters 40+ 50mi Personal best on TP, the Masters 40+ cross country Mt build peak and race in PDF and I currently do not have or have used your 100mi plan and would need to purchase the Masters 40+ 100mi Mt bike personal record. I really should’ve used the Masters 100mi plan! I would love to have these plans on the new TP/smart trainer format. I can email screen shots of both Masters plans I have for proof of purchase?

    The stacking question, My plan for ’19 season,… starting the Masters 40+ cross country build peak and race now, stack the Masters 40+ 50mi personal best and then Masters 40+ 100mi mt bike personal record for the P2P training hoping this is a good plan? I may race some “B” events if they fit tho the P2P is the main focus. I have done 100mi races, Lutsen 99 and Marji Gesick 100 (Marji wasn’t pretty but I finished! lol) tho not ParkCity its a bucket list race.

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    This is a great plan stack for P2P!

    – Masters 40+ cross country build peak and race
    – Masters 40+ 50 mile personal record
    – Masters 40+ 100mi mt bike personal record

    I emailed you a code to purchase your TP format of your training plans with your 50% credit.


    Coach Lynda

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