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My 2016 season stats

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    Just wanted to let you know how I did this year using your two Cat 2 programs. (base, build/race) I followed the program 85% of the time. During the summer with my 2nd round of build/race towards the end (August, September) I was slammed with work so I wasnt able to be consistent on it all week/month plus I was just getting a tad tired of the plan.

    But I ended up finishing 2nd overall in the Open fat bike category. Also ended up finishing 2nd in my state for age also. (Big surprise)

    Anyway, I am tapering down just trying to do some longer more enjoyable rides while still doing some fat bike snow races into April. But I plan on doing the Cat 1 base, build/race program next year.. starting once again in Feb/March. Not sure if I am going to stick with the fatbike category, b/c we only had 10 racers out at each race. Might do a 27.5+ and drop back down into sport.

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    Congrats on a killer season! Thanks for all the support and nice words about LW Coaching training plans.

    Progressing on to the Cat 1 plans is perfect.


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    Thanks Lynda. I always try to tag #LWCoaching on Instagram esp when I am doing well or training, or just having an awesome day…. So a lot.

    Just wish we had the weather you guys have so we could ride dirt a lot more into the late fall, and winter.

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