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Mt. Taylor Quad

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      Well I've just returned from the Mt. Taylor Quad (road bike, run, XC ski, snowshoe) and start Lynda's Mtb winter base/weight loss plan today. I know the Quad isn't really along the same lines as my summer goals but it is a good judge of winter fitness. I finished 10th male (2 females cleaned my clock) and won the 50-54 age group. It was a 4:31 day for me with some challenging wind. Only one racer under 4 hours this year which I believe is a first. I have been 11th w/ a sub 4 effort in the past. My wife was 11th overall, 2nd 45-49 w/ a stellar performance while nursing an injury in a much tougher women's field. The lead woman was third overall in the race.

      Not sure for the post if just to acknowledge that I am on the plan and want to have a good year following Lynda's advice. My goal is sub 8:30 at Leadville, depending on conditions. 8:52 last year. PR of 8:05 when I was a spring chicken(12 yrs ago). I'm coming back(?) from a 3 yr. break and recovery from back surgery. I am two yrs since the surgery so all is progressing well. Well, I am rambling. Hope all had a good weekend of racing.

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