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Moved to CO from WI…How to use programs

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    I’ve got a few questions for you. I recently moved to Colorado (September) and I feel like I’m starting my Cycling career all over…
    1. CO doesn’t have summer long series like WI did and what I’ve used your sport base, build, race programs for. CO races are bigger (Epics, 100/60mi races) longer, 10x more climbing etc…

    2. Also in WI I didn’t start training till February because the season didn’t kick off till May… But I’m rather bored here, can I start a base 12 week program soon and then build off that?

    I guess I’m asking if the programs I have will work the same out here as they did in Wisconsin.

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    Hi Colin,

    Congrats on your move to Colorado. You have lots of new terrain and races to explore.

    1. Agreed, CO does have amazing races on offer.

    2. Yes, I recommend starting asap with either our Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan or Masters 40+ Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan

    After these programs, consider an endurance training plan to peak for one of the longer CO events or stage races.

    Coach Lynda

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    Cat 1 base plan. That is a hand full.

    I do have Cat 2 base and race program. Has any of those changed in format or workouts ? I bought them 4 years ago.

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    Our Cat 2 Base and Build, peak, race training plans remain unchanged.

    Coach Lynda

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