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Mohican 100K, June 3, 2017

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      AvatarTom S

      Mohican 100K, June 3, 2017
      This is my second ever 100k and I did have a PR. The Masters 50 Mile PR Plan gave me plenty of power for climbs, good endurance, and the core and upper body strength to hold-off fatigue. My single track skills are not where they should be because I only had a few sessions on trails due to the weather.

      The weather was beautiful. I tried to hold back because I burned out too early last time. I did my warm-ups and found the starting area packed tight. I stayed in the back figuring I could pass a lot of people on the initial climb. I did, but before that, there was a pile-up prior to the climb and we were at a standstill while an injured rider and his bike where helped to the side. From the look on his face, his day was over.

      After the road section the single track through the Mohican forest was smooth and fast. My right foot hooked a hidden root and sent my sprawling. Another rider had found the root before I did and had a gash under his left eye. The lack of passing opportunities, and riders walking sections I had cleaned the day before was frustrating. At other times, the pack I was with really pushed the limits of my confidence.

      Back on gravel roads and pavement for long sections, I realize now I did not exert enough. I was at the top of my Z2 heartrate and was trying to save strength for later. Maybe a little too much conversation with the other riders too.

      The 3rd place 100 miler sped by on the last gravel down-hill. Figuring if the gravel is safe for him to go fast, it is for me, I sped after him and kept his pace until the grade turned upwards. His power left me in the dust.

      The last part of the single track I followed a woman SS racer who had tremendous down-hill skills. I tried to push at the end, but there wasn’t enough room to really build speed.
      I placed 29th in the 50-59 age bracket with a time of 7:16. My goal was 7 hours. I was about 16 seconds per mile off my goal. There is plenty of opportunity to improve. The first 100K I did last summer, I knew I had nothing left. Not the case this time.

      Lessons learned:
      -Warm-up sooner and stage closer to the front
      -Having a fueling plan and knowing what aid stations to use worked great
      -Get the HR up on the roads and gravel. I saved my strength for later and then didn’t have time to use it. 68% of my time was spent in Z2, only 19% was Z3 and 4% in Z4. (I’ll redo the time trial before prepping for the next race.)

      I highly recommend this event. We met some wonderful people (because that’s the way MTB people are) and the countryside is beautiful.

      I encourage anyone to comment with information or experiences may improve my performance.

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      Congrats on a great race on a tough course! Thanks for posting your race report. I liked hearing about your lessons learned.


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