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Masters XC plan adjustments

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      Hi Lynda. I’ve been using your Masters plans for 5 years and have had great success with XC and Marathon masters wins and podiums. At the moment I’m at week 4 of the Masters build, peak and race plan. I don’t have an actual A race at the end of this plan. Just few races around that time frame. I do have an A race coming up on April 21 which is on the Sunday at the end of week 7…of course week 7 is not a rest week. I was thinking about repeating week 5 for a three week block and then just having a rest week before the race… or I was thinking of doing the week 11 and 12 taper before the race instead. I feel like I could use the extra training stress with the first option since it’s so early in the build plan but you are the person with the wisdom. Please let me know your recommendations.


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      Hi DBentley,

      That’s cool you are getting so much mileage out of the Masters plans!

      I like your option of repeating week 5 for a three week block and then having a rest week before the race with the following modification:

      – On your second time through week 5, reduce the intensity and duration of the Saturday ride by reducing the 60 minutes at cross country race pace to 20 minutes at cross country race pace.

      Coach Lynda

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      Perfect. Great advice. I’m feeling more relaxed about the event knowing I have a dialed plan. I’m so grateful for your help.


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