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Masters training plan questions

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      Hi there-
      The race series I’m going is now going to be starting in August. I’ve gotten the masters plan and then will get the build/race plan. I am starting the plans now, so it gives me a few weeks to take off for vacation this spring before the first race (Aug. 9.) Here are my questions about training and races:
      1. Due to work schedule, sometimes during the work week (not talking about weekends here) I only have three days during the week to do workouts, so have to cut out either 1 of the weights workouts or 1 of the bike workouts. Which would be better to skip? Do I need to worry about that or just realize I’m coming up a tad short?
      2. Every other week I have Fridays off and some of those weeks would like to do my long rides F/S instead of Sat/Sun. Similar to Question #1, should I just eliminate a weight workout? I’m guessing I need a recovery day before doing two long ride days.
      3. …OR could I do Monday strength workout, Tues, Wed, bike workouts, take a recovery day and then do my long rides or is it best to keep the bike days separated by a recovery/weight day?
      4. The guy at the gym said the power clean exercise is too advanced for me to do. Should I ignore him? I kinda like it. 🙂 I use barbells right now for it.
      5. The mtn bike race season starts Aug. 9, followed by races Aug. 16, Aug. 29, Sept. 6, Sept. 27, and Oct. 3. I’m a long way from there, but how do I fit training and recovery in a schedule like that? I haven’t bought the build/race plan yet so assuming it addressed that?

      thanks a ton for your responses,

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      Hi Marie,

      Thanks for numbering your questions!

      1. In the Masters 40+ Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan miss out day 2 (Tuesday) and day 5 (Friday).

      2. Eliminate day 5 (Friday), do your long rides day 5 and 6 and take day 7 as your recovery day.

      3. You can move any of the sessions around to fit your schedule best.

      4. Do a session with a personal trainer to make sure you are lifting with good technique and stick with weights that you can maintain perfect technique with.

      5. Schedule the Masters 40+ Cross Country Mountain Bike Build Peak and Race Mountain Bike Training Plan to end on Aug 9 at your first race. After that you will be on a race and rest schedule as you correctly see there is little time for training between racing and recovering. Repeat week 12 on a race week and repeat week 11 on a week prior to a race week.

      Your race and recover block would look like this:
      8/3/2020 week 12
      8/10/2020 week 12
      8/17/2020 week 11
      8/24/2020 week 12
      8/31/2020 week 12
      9/7/2020 week 10
      9/14/2020 week 11
      9/21/2020 week 12
      9/28/2020 week 12

      Coach Lynda

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      Thank you!!

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