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Masters training for 5-day endurance event

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      After 18 months of mainly work (and some sleep), I committed to doing a 5-day mountain bike ride across the Gibb River Road (in the northern part of Western Australia) during May for charity. The total distance is 660 km, but the first day is 228 km. This is not a technical ride at all (unless it rains), it is on a graded gravel road (the condition depends on the weather and the amount of traffic since the last time it was graded). From the second day onwards, but especially the third day, you choose between corrugations and sand…

      I should have started training months earlier, but just before I stopped working in December, I contracted shingles (and didn’t get the antiviral medication in time, so still have neuralgic pain, but much less) and combined with the extreme heat we’ve had, have been too lazy to start much earlier. I have started a few short rides, and it has been going surprisingly well.

      I know from past experience that once I break through the first two weeks (which will be agony), my fitness levels improve quickly, and I build leg strength very quickly as well. I’m slow… I’m tough, but slow….

      I bought the 40+ Masters training plan for a 5-7 day event, and know that it builds on the Base Plan. In this case, the aim for each of the 5 days will be to finish (less than 10 hours), so I’m not sure that it’s the most appropriate plan… Do I need to follow one of the other plans for base building first and then switch? (I don’t have time to stack two complete plans, it’s 15 weeks until the event.

      What do you recommend?

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      A bit more information — The event starts 17 May 2020, it will take us at least four days to drive to the starting point. I will be able to do short rides each night once we’ve set up camp, but it will be too hot during the day.

      I’ve done this event before (in 2015) as part of a relay team, when I was 10 kg heavier, but a bit younger. This time I’ll be doing it solo. Being small, I’m on 27.5″ wheels (not 29″ like the big boys, but at least an upgrade from the 26″ I used the previous time).

      The event distances are:
      Day 1 – 228 km
      Day 2 – 122 km
      Day 3 – 143 km
      Day 4 – 101 km
      Day 5 – 55 km

      The hills (and heat) start towards the later days.

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      Hi CloudedGenie,

      As you are coming off a period of no activity, followed by a period of illness, I recommend you start with weeks 1 – 9 of the Masters 40+ Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan . Then progress on to weeks 7 – 12 of the Masters 40+ Mountain Bike 5-7 day Stage Race Mountain Bike Training Plan to peak for your event in 15 weeks.

      Coach Lynda

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      Hi Lynda,

      Thank you very much for the recommendation. Earlier, I also bought the 40+ Master 100 Mile Personal Best plan, but even I could look at the TrainingPeaks graphs and see that the first four weeks (neither one) were simply not going to happen on any planet… Sheer willpower and hardheadedness can only do so much!

      I now purchased the 40+ Masters Base Plan as well…

      What is the easiest way to stack these in TrainingPeaks (I aplogise for these newbie questions)?

      – Do I apply the Base Plan starting now, and simply delete the activities added for weeks 10-12?
      – How do I then get the second plan to start at week 7? Do I add it later, and simply drag the activities for those three weeks to where I want it?


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      Hi Christelle,

      Apply plan then delete weeks you are not following and cut and past the others or drag and drop to where you want them in your calendar.

      Coach Lynda

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