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Masters 40 Base Training Plan

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      Hi Lynda,

      I’m on week2 and was doing the L4:4×6 workout on zwift. My question is on these efforts is it supposed to be done in optimal cadence (what I think is comfortable)? Or are these days working on strength so the cadence should be less than optimal? What should the RPMs be on these sets and if the ERG mode determines that, what can I do about it?

      Because these workouts are done in ERG mode.. it determines the cadence. So the first two efforts were hard but doable. They were around 60rpms. The second set was slightly harder/slower (more resistance) cadence than the first. By the time I got into my 3rd set the resistance was so hard it eventually didn’t allow my cranks to pedal and it locked up. I had to stop to get the ERG to reset and I finished the set. The ERG mode cadence was at 39rpms and I was barely able to move the pedals before it locked up completely. In the fourth set, the same thing happened and my workout was a bit compromised because I had to stop and reset the ERG and then it would eventually work towards being too hard to pedal.

      So my questions are 1. Was it supposed to be in non-optimal cadence at 60rpms? and 2. If it’s in ERG mode but locking up after pushing 39rpms.. what can I do about that?

      Thank you!


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      Ride at your most optimal cadence. This is 75-95 rpm.

      Read ALL ABOUT ERG MODE IN ZWIFT to understand the difference between erg and sim modes. You can use either with the structured workouts. You are riding yourself into the “Spiral of Death” (read the article) right now. I recommend giving sim mode a try.

      Coach Lynda

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