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Managing minimal time every other weekend

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      Hi Linda,

      I am starting the Masters Cross Country Build Peak and Race Training Plan, and I’m wondering how to manage the volume on the weekends I have my kids (every other weekend). Basically, when I have them, it’s difficult to spend four-plus hours on the bike, but on the weekends I don’t have them, I have a lot more free time and can train as much as necessary. Should I just build in some endurance work during the weeks before or after those weekends? Or if I have a couple hours (total) to train on the weekend I do have them, should I add more intensity? Other ideas?

      Thank you in advance,

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      Sorry, I meant “Lynda”!

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      Hi Renee,

      You can move the days around to fit your schedule. Swap Sunday and Monday so you strength train Sunday and ride Monday. Swap Friday and Saturday. This gives you Sat and Sunday off the bike and does not miss anything out. Does that fit your schedule?

      Coach Lynda

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      This helps a lot. Thank you, Lynda!

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