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Lutsen 99er

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      Hi Lynda. Just want to say thanks for the advice and training plan (used the Masters 100mi PR plan) used to prepare for the Lutsen 99er in Northern MN. Despite a broken saddle at mile 65 (which I was able to adjust to salvage and make it thru to the end of the race), I was able to finish with my 3rd consecutive PR in three years riding with a time of 7:13 and 14 of 66 in my age group (45-49). I was hoping for a sub-7hr finish and would have had a good shot without the mechanical issues.

      Following the training plan definitely gave me the confidence going into the race this year (as opposed to following my own ‘plan’ in prior years and just hoping to finish). I especially benefited from your well timed MTB Radio show on starting a 100 mile MTB race…the advice in that show was very timely and helpful to plan out my race strategy.

      I benefited from analyzing my prior year splits and tracking progress against them during this years race (I was almost 20-25 minutes ahead of my prior year pace half way through the race, but lost about 10 minutes with the mechanical issues). I was also pleased with my nutrition during the race (CarboRocket 333), though I may need to use a less concentrated mix as it got a bit too sweet toward the end of the race.

      I now have my next major race in Sept – Cheq 40, plus some local series XC races….any advice on how to build on the fitness I’ve built up to now to prepare for this?

      Thanks again!

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      Congrats on your PR and finishing strong despite a broken saddle.

      Recover from your hundie first then progress on to the Masters 40+ MTB Cross Country Build Peak and Race Training Plan to build XC speed on top of your hundie fitness.

      Thanks for the nice words about my training plans and MTB radio show.


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      Congrats also on your time in the Lutsen 99er I completed it myself this weekend as well, 4th time, doing the Cheq 40 in September as well. glad you had better success then myself on this.

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