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Lower body strenght

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      I purchased the Cat 1 Cros Country Base and am in the first week. So far, I love the plan and it’s just what I hoped it would be after thinking of buying it 🙂

      I’ve got some questions and hope you could help me get some clarification on them:

      1. How come there’s no lower body strength work prescribed? Squats, deadlifts, lunges, etc.? Would it be OK if I work them into strength sessions?

      2. I am primarily racing XCO and XCM but will probably have 1 or 2 cross triathlons next year (B or C races). What would be the best way to work in a swim and a run per week, if any? I’m fairly experienced in both and have been running once or twice per week so far.

      Thank you!

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      Hi Luka,

      Thanks for numbering your questions.

      1. This plan is focused on cycling performance and the lower body leg work is all done on the bike. I do support strength training in other LW Coaching training plans but to fit lower body strength training into this training plan you must remove some of the bike training.

      2. When you add a swim or run, remove a “like” cycling workout from the plan to remain in energy balance and in the positive fitness development zone.

      Coach Lynda

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