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Last training weeks before a Saturday race

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      AvatarTom S


      Today is Week 11 Day 1 of Masters 50 Mile Mountain Bike Race Personal Record Training Plan.

      1. The Mohican 100k is on Saturday June 3. The workouts are designed for a Sunday. How should I modify the last 2 weeks to hit the key workouts? Thursday June 1 will be a rest day because I have a 10 hour drive.

      2. How many minutes before the start should the race day warm-up be completed?

      Thank you for a great training plan.


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      Thanks for numbering your questions.

      1. Miss out week 12 day 1 and move everything else up a day to pull race day to June 3rd.

      2. Finish your race day warm-up as close to the start as practical. Staging is a high priority to get a good position in the start group. Balance how far up in the pack you want to start with how late you can push your warm-up. It is a compromise at races balancing warm-up and staging timing.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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