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L5 Interval Intensity

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      Hi Lynda,

      At your suggestion, just started the 24 Hour Race PR plan! I had a question about the L5 intensity hill workouts (3×3, 3×3, 3×1). I did the threshold test and got 227W for FTP, so the L5 I’ve been training in is 241-274W. Thing is, that power level feels too easy – I think I can sustain ~300W+ for those time intervals. Should I “trust the process” and stick with the power levels Training Peaks calculates? Redo the threshold test? Go as hard as I can for that amount of time?

      That leads to a follow up question – should the 3×3, 3×2, and 3×1 intervals increase in intensity as the duration decreases? I.e. do the most power you can for that amount of time?

      Thanks! Excited to learn about more of the thinking behind the training.

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      Hi Bubbaeck,

      Stick to the power target for every interval. These is not meant to be a max effort exhausting workout. If you ever doubt your threshold test result, re-do it in place of an interval session.

      Coach Lynda

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