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      Hel Lynda, just wanted to drop you a thread and let you know that i'm feeling stronger than ever thanks to the 12 week custom plan. I have been seeing continuous speedandstamina gains in my races. My first 2 “c” races went as planned…both which i finished 2nd BUT improved times vs. last years on the same courses…then I bonked a little on the 3rd race…just didn't prep correctly in the leading days…race went well for the first 2x 10 mile laps, sitting in 4th place…but then the wall hit and the power was gone as the race pace HR…dropped 3 positions an ended up 7th.

      BUT…the next week was, in my opinion, was my best race ever!!! The 3rd stop on the SERC at Tasli, NC…i started strong and finished stronger! Even though it was only 3rd…I was on the podium with Nathan Sibley, a guy who has always been know

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      Good to hear your race season is progressing well.

      Keep on hammering!

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