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kJ(Cal) Requirment

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      Hi Lynda, I’m on the 4th weeks of the XC Cat 1 Base plan and I really like it so far. It much more thorough than the Trainer Road plans I’ve been using for the last 5 years. I was wondering if there’s a good way to estimate my kJ(Cal) requirement before each work out on TP. It looks like TP fills out the TSS and IF, can I use those and my FTP to estimate the work? The reason I ask is to make sure I’m fueling correctly for the workout. Thanks! Dave

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      Hi Dave,

      TSS/IF and kJ do not track in a linear manner so cannot directly by used to calculate calorie burn. Post ride you can estimate that for 1 kJ produced you burned 1 Calorie.

      Coach Lynda

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