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Issue with HR and Power Test – Have you run into this?

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      Has anyone done the first HR and Power test through Training Peaks and Zwift and run into not being able to use the correct cadence? I’m new to LWC and just did the first zones test to start my plan and I did it indoors. I saved the plan into the training peaks and used zwift as the platform to do the test. Zwift pulled the workout, no problem there.

      When I started to take the test..warm up was fine. Cadence was normal. I made sure Erg is on. The problem started when I started the 20 minute test. It seemed like the ERG was no longer working according to the power I was giving. I had to go in my hardest gear in the front and back and still spinning at 120 rpms… obviously not my optimal cadence. My power in the finish was obviously much lower than usual because I had to spin so fast. My heartrate was high because of the cadence. I held a high heartrate for 20 min but the cadence was so high that if I went to an easier gear, it would spin out.

      I’ve done the test twice in this first week and it happened both times. Pretty frustrating.

      Has anyone had this issue and knows what to do? Before my second test, I went into my settings in TP and changed the power to be higher to see if the set power was too low and it didn’t change anything.

      Hopefully someone has dealt with this…

      I will try to contact the Wahoo kicker to see if they can help as well..

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